Optimizing the Sunlight's Spectrum for Sustainable Horticulture.


We develop and produce advanced foils that optimize the solar spectrum towards plant and algae growth in greenhouses and polytunnels. Utilizing the most cutting edge nanotechnology and photonics we aim to help reduce the energy consumption of the horitculture sector while increasing the crop yields.

Maximize PAR light

With SolarFoil we convert UV light into PAR light, in that way reducing harmful light, and maximizing PAR light.

Tailored to your situation

Just as artificial lights can provide different light recipes for crops. We design different light recipes making use only of the available sunlight.

Increase crop yields

The tailored spectra aim to maximize crop yields in thereby reducing the cost and footprint of crops grown under SolarFoil.

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Arnon Lesage


Ph.D. in Physics with specialization in manipulating light using nanomaterials.

Peter Schall


Professor at the Institute of Physics in the University of Amsterdam, with a background in nanomaterials and optoelectronics.

Yingying Tang

R&D Lead

Ph.D. in chemical engineering. Yingying has a speciality in synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials.