Optimizing Sunlight for Sustainable Horticulture and Microalgae Cultivation.



We develop and produce materials that optimize the solar spectrum for better plant and algae growth in greenhouses and photobioreactors. Utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnology and photonics we aim to increase productivity, reduce costs, and reduce the energy consumption of the horticulture sector.


Harness the Power of the Sun

Did you know plants only use 6% of Sunlight to grow? At SolarFoil, we transform the Sun's spectrum into the most useful PAR light for plants, crops, and algae.

Optimized PAR Light

We optimise sunlight by converting the unused, and sometimes even harmful, light into the colours that are best absorbed by photosynthetic  pigments.

Tailored Light Recipes

We develop cutting-edge spectral-converting materials and combine them into application-specific light recipes. 

Increased Productivity

Our products' light recipes maximize yields and quality, thereby reducing the cost and footprint of crops grown under SolarFoil.


Peter Schall

Co-founder & Scientific advisor

Professor at the Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam leading cutting-edge research in nanomaterials and optoelectronics.

Yingying Tang


Ph.D. in Materials Science. Yingying is our chemical mastermind responsible for the development and production of the  nanomaterials at the heart of SolarFoil.

Arnon Lesage

CEO & Co-founder

Ph.D. in Physics specializing in light-emitting nanomaterials, Arnon has spearheaded SolarFoil since 2019, thriving on the intersection of science and entrepreneurship. 

Jasmin Fisher Balil


Physicist by training with a passion for sustainability and circularity. Jasmin is the glue of our team, bringing enthusiasm and determination to our mission.

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